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Rorschach were a New Jersey-based band that existed from 1989 to 1993. The group often blended hardcore punk and dissonant elements of metal providing the inspiration to a number of hardcore and post hardcore bands thereafter.

The first release by the band, Remain Sedate, shows the band’s sound at a stage when they played fast, heavy hardcore with a metal slant and raspy hardcore vocals. At this time they also drew heavy comparisons to Die Kreuzen’s eponymously titled lp for their bizarre chord progressions and Charles Maggio’s unearthly howl. However, as the band progressed, they developed a slower, more sinister, sludge sound that was as much influenced by cult metal bands as it was by noiser fare like fellow New York band Swans. Additionally, the vocals developed into high-pitched, tortured screaming rather than shouting, due in part to voice problems Maggio was experiencing at the time. This change in sound can be heard primarily on their second full-length release, Protestant. Shortly after issuing this album, the group disbanded, some members eventually joining Deadguy.

The band took their name from the character Rorschach from the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

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