Splinterskin- Minimalistic Folk. Creepy shiz

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Splinterskin- Minimalistic Folk. Creepy shiz

Post by Mushroom Brew on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:50 am


Story telling minimalistic folk. Nylon string guitar sex and whatnot.

Within a thick, fog blurred woods, upon a dead tree, sits a shrouded being with a decayed guitar. With a name that conjures up images of dead leaves, coarse bark and a decayed surrounding, Splinterskin reinforces the natural fear that something is indeed lurking in the shadows. The music, carried by a nylon string guitar, is detailed with a finger picking style similar to classical or even Spanish. And although the sound can be complex, it contains a minimalist quality due in part to the natural performance, which is recorded within the austere setting of autumn. Some songs contain violin, dulcimer, hand drums, spirit shakers as well as the natural sounds of autumn itself. The vibrations deliver a musical experience unlike any other. His illusive tales, while often grounded in fantasy, reflect elements of our reality often overlooked, if noticed at all. Splinterskin allows listeners into his world to witness the stories for themselves, and to take something with them from that world, if they can. With a dark compassion and understanding of the spirit, a strange comfort can be found in the shadows of Splinterskin’s lyrics and sounds
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