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Post by Actumen on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:17 pm

These two are my latest obsession. Amber plays the weirdest assortment of baritones, basses, jaguars, and frankensteins ever. All her instruments have something akin to a jaguar body - I'm pretty sure one or two is a 5-string jag bass with lighter gauge strings tuned up an octave so that it's more of a guitar sound.... then she has a normal jaguar and I think a normal jaguar baritone... fuck they all sound awesome, though. Jucifer are pretty sweet, they walk a cool line between bluesy indie rock and heavy hardcore tinged sludge leanings. It's kinda like Melvins, Viva Voce, Black Sabbath and Black Flag all birthed an ungodly loud monster.

Neither of these vids does their material a huge ammount of justice. Listen to Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip and I Name You Destroyer.


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