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Post by Actumen on Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:04 pm

The Folk/Death/Doom band that spawned the evil that is Kim Larsen (OTWATM) on us. I hadn't heard of them, despite my OTWATM fanboying, until I got to see them at Chicago Powerfest (EVEN THOUGH THEIR DOUCHBASSIST ALMOST RUINED IT, YEAH THAT GUY IN THE FRONT RIGHT THERE IN THAT PICTURE ON THE MA PAGE WAHT A FKING ASSHAT)

SO I don't like Death/Doom, but they're awesome. Sure, they're boring sometimes, but listen to those super guttural vocals and folky interludes and melodic leads... 😋 :horny: I dunno what it is, but they just manage to make some magic. Anyway, Paradise Belongs to You is a classic album, and I quite like Veronika Decides to Die. Yoop. Give 'em a shot!

I still fantasize about seeing them live again, only Kim Larsen shows up and then we have sex. :penis:


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