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Post by Actumen on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:21 pm

(Yes, he really ate ALL that cake fo reals)

So yeah. Low were a HUGE obsession of mine for a while, and are starting to come back into favor with me at the moment. They're a mormon slowcore band (a fact which might make the lyrics of the first song, while AWESOME (yes, the lyrics are awesome... But not as awesome is that song. Guh it's super good) a bit disconcerting, especially since Alan Sparkhawk has been quoted saying that he completely believes everything he says in that song) with some neat folkish vibes. I picked up their latest album, Drums and Guns, on a whim after the guys I played the first TIS show with covered the last two tracks (Murderer and Violent Past) and did a fucking fantastic job, getting the harmonies down and everything. Drums and Guns really was a completely new experience for me, entirely unique compared to anything I'd heard before. It's extemely minimal, with shockingly smart songwriting. Vocal harmonies dominate with sparse (but fantastic) guitar+bass arrangement and very texture-driven percussion. I can't really do justice to an album that has 13 awesome choons on its tracklist. I highly rec it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE.


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