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Post by Känge on Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:55 pm

Deadguy were a metalcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey and active from 1994 to 1997, when they recorded for a number of labels including renowned hardcore label, Victory Records.


"One night in the summer of 1994 Dave and Crispy went to CBGB’s in NYC to go see The Cows and The Unsane. It was hot. The Cows (for those of you who aren’t familiar) are pretty entertaining, in fact I’d say they should have been much more popular than they were. The Unsane had just reformed with Vinnie on drums and the other 2 original guys still playing. They were so unbelievably heavy (and loud) and so unlike the crappy bands in New Brunswick, New Jersey it seemed only natural to go buy all their records and start ripping off the cool parts and making a band around it. Admittedly this might seem kinda lame, but who cares, we just wanted to rock. No one ever believes this story but it is literally how the band started, if there had been something better on TV that nite, none of this would have ever happened.

We played our first show in the basement of 149 Somerset Street a few months later, I think we had 5 songs which we hadn’t even named. Quick side note here: the origin of the name Deadguy came from the John Candy movie Only the Lonely where he’s carrying around dead bodies and people keep asking “Who’s the Deadguy?” So the show was kinda weird, I remember there being way too many people there and us being so loud that every one of them were covering their ears to escape the feedback and noise coming from us. It was a success though, we made a bunch of t-shirts and people wanted them and people seemed to sorta like the noise factor, when I say noise, I mean shit noise that makes your head hurt."


White Meat 7” (Dada/ Popgun Records, 1994)
Work Ethic 7” (Engine/ Blackout Records, 1994)
Work Ethic EP (Blackout Records, 1994; Re-Released 2002)
Fixation on a Co-Worker LP (Victory Records, 1995)
Screamin’ With the Deadguy Quintet EP (Victory Records, 1996)

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